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Available Parts & Products

FD3S RX7 - BNR Stage III Twin Turbo Upgrade - £2450
We are proud to announce Lightning Dynamics are now supplying BNR Stage 3 Twin Turbo Kits as a complete package.
These are a direct bolt on with no modifications required to engine or running gear.
These can be used at stock boost levels but we advise Uprated Fueling, Intake & Exhaust together with our Uprated Solenoids System for maximum efficiency and power gains.
Delivery Time for Turbocharger packs is currently 6-10 weeks  


The new BNR Stage 3's have many improvements over the factory HT12 turbochargers. The factory HT12's are not rebuildable in most cases. The stage 3's however are not remanufactured turbochargers. They have new CHRA's (Center Housing Rotating Assemblies) and the factory end housings are machined to fit the new CHRA's. The Stage 3's are not rebuilt or remanufactured.
The turbine wheels have larger inducer and exducer measurements over stock giving the turbine wheels more leverage to push the larger, more efficient compressor wheels while decreasing backpressure in the turbine housings. The turbine wheels have more blades giving it even more leverage than before and also the wheel casting is much thicker than stock. In an event of a blown apex seal, the turbine wheel (more than likely) will survive, unlike the stock turbine wheels in the stock twins or the 99 spec twins which are a very thin cast that will be heavily damaged. Apex seal damage will cause slow spool, inadequate boost, and lack of power. The shafts in the stage 3's are 1/4" in diameter compared to 5mm in diameter like the stock/99 spec twins. Also the shaft has left hand thread shaft nuts which eliminate the issues of shaft nuts shooting off like the stock turbos have a tendency to do under high boost. It can lead to engine failure if cases are bad enough.
The thrust bearings are upgraded to 360 degrees for proper lubrication of the rotating assemblies up to 180K rpm! This means you can run a tremendous amount of boost without killing thrust bearings. The stock thrust bearings are 270 degree bearings which aren't reliable to run over 15 psi of boost. 360 bearings are standard on BNR Stage 3's.
The stage 3 comes with an adjustable wastegate actuator. This allows you to turn up or down the boost mechanically w/o an electronic or manual boost controller. The adjustable actuator can also make the boost controllers more effective because you are working them less to turn up the boost.
The stage 3's can be ran sequential or in non sequential forms. When sets are ordered, please include complete Y pipe for modifications. Extra charges will be given to customers who want a full non sequential conversion. A one year warranty goes along with each set of BNR Stage 3's. We have an additional core charge for turbocharger purchases.

With the BNR Turbo's, we advise the use of our Solenoid System. Our System is specifically Designed & Built to be used In conjunction with the BNR Twins for HIGH PSI applications.

The Turbo & Solenoid Package is available from £2650


FD3S RX7 - Lightning Dynamics 100PSI Solenoid System - £375

We are proud to offer a new product that solves all your boost problems. No need for any Non-Sequential nonsense, no need to hate your car any longer, we put the Zoom-Zoom back into the Sequential Twins.
Our Solenoid System is Custom Built using Military Grade precision & components. The system completely replaces the inefficient stock rats nest, reducing clutter and ensuring that no further boost issues occur. 
The LD 100PSI Uprated Solenoid System includes fitting instructions and all required parts in order to fit with minimal effort. Installs in 3 hours using basic hand tools. 
We guarantee 0% Solenoid failures with our LD Solenoid System. If a Solenoid is found to be faulty we will replace the defective unit or offer a full refund.
Solenoid Specs: Viton Seals, Stainless Steel Internals, Molded Coil (Resistant to water and temperatures in excess of 300deg) Custom Aluminium Manifold, 100PSI Rating, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass Fittings, Better Flow & Quicker Reaction Time Than Stock Solenoids & Fully Rebuildable
Included in the price of the system: Completely Custom Built Solenoid System, Ready To Install, All Required Fittings, Electrical Connectors & Heat-Shrink, Upgraded Nickel Plated Check Valves, Vacuum Diagram & Additional Fitting Instructions
There is a 6-10 week lead time for solenoid packs as these have to be custom made by hand, with most internal components being on back order.

Kit Prices: (All Prices Include Delivery)
LD Solenoid System: £375

LD Solenoid System & Silicon Hosing Kit including Zip Ties: £395 

LD Solenoid System & Viton Hosing Kit including Zip Ties: £435
Optional Extras:

Custom BNR Base Map £150

Viton Check Valves if bought with any Solenoid System: £15

Hallman Pro RX Boost Controllers to replace Wastegate & Precontrol Solenoids: £160 if bought with any Solenoid System



Rotary Porting 

With our specialist there is no Porting work that is too radical. After many years of Rotary Racing our specialist is widely recognised as the best in the country. Porting work is not a standard measure. Each job will be unique and will be carried out in order to aid intended use of the engine, vehicle and with all other ancilliaries.

All manor of porting work considered. Please email for Pricing as each job is unique

Street Ports - Varying in size depending upon application. For the best all round performance with day to day use

Extend Ports - Intended for Aggressive Street or Race Applications with Large Single Turbos

Half Bridge - Intended for Road & Race Use

Full Bridge - Intended for Racing Only

N/A Peripheral Ports - Agressive Road or Race Applications

Shortblock Rebuilding Service

Our specialist has years of Rotary experience and is happy rebuilding engines all day long. He is meticulous in his methods and uses the best techniques in order to get the best out of an engine. Having built well over 20 engines within the past 6 months alone, with countless hundreds over the past 25 years, again he is widely recognised as the best there is.

Rebuild Prices start from £750

This includes Labour, Disassembly, Re-assembly and Street Porting. Additional charges can apply depending on porting required.

All Rebuild Parts must be supplied by the customer.

In house parts are also available Please email for further Pricing